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So, who is this guy? Let's see if I can't write some stuff down (WIP)
Name: Abysa

Appearance: A tall alien-like being, about 8-9 feet from toe to head. His humanoid form is more elongated in proportions, with a long neck, limbs and torso. He is completely hairless, and his head sports two thick tentacle/horn-like appendages which sweep back. He lacks eyes and a nose, making his face mostly featureless. He appears able to see and smell just fine. He has a tail! It is short-ish and somewhat prehensile, but delicate. While his hands are five-fingered, he only has three toes.

History(brief): Being from an original setting, this is kind of hard to sum up and is WIP. He is a demonic creature born in his universe's version of Hell, or the Underworld. He has spent years aspiring to the role of High Priest of his religion. This entails a pilgrimage to worship, meet, then court the dark lords of his pantheon. Sealing a bond with all lords will grant him the official title. He has not currently completed this mission. Because of his love for mortals and earth, his position is controversial among hell's denizens, and even debated between the dark lords themselves. 

Personality: He is curious and flighty, fond of traveling and seeing new things. He's especially fond of visiting planets with life and humans. He seems to have a gentle and friendly disposition which clashes with his demonic heritage. 

Powers: Formally trained in magic with a deep pool of personal energy to draw from. Strong psychic abilities, especially telekinesis and empathy, often blends in with his magical power. Able to give various blessings, provided the proper ritual is undergone. Though his might is great, he is more adept at using his powers defensively, such as creating barriers, healing, turning invisible, or escaping through teleportation. He prefers to float and fly about rather than walk.

Weapons: None as of yet! 

Weaknesses: Like all demons of his world, he is weak to divine light. He will give anything heavenly and light-blessed a wide berth and is openly fearful of angelic beings.